Step 1: Uninstall existing Software (Windows only)
To make sure that exactly this is not happening again, we switched to another installer-system. Therefore it is recommended to uninstall any existing BEASTXUpdater installation prior to install the latest version.

Step 2: Download Software and Install
Another change is that there is now only one package for Windows-Systems.
So, you only have to download one version for each operating system.

Supported operating systems are:
  • Windows (XP, Vista, 7)
  • MacOS 10.6.x
  • Ubuntu 10.04 (LTS)

Step 3: Driver installation:
The driver installation in no more launched automatically during setup.
The installer will be copied and a link to it is added to the BEASTX group in Start-Menu.

A link to the MacOS driver is available in the download section.

No driver needed here.

Step 4: Validate driver installation (Windows only):
After successful installation of the driver, if the USB2SYS-Interface is connected to the PC, you must be able to find following entry in the Device Manager:
Pre Device Manager.png
The name COM3 may be different on your PC. The entry must disappear when you disconnect the USB2SYS-Interface from the PC, and reappear when you connect it again.

Step 5: Start BEASTXUpdater:
IMPORTANT: The MICROBEAST is not powered from the USB2SYS-Interface, so the MICROBEAST must be supplied with power from a different source BEFORE you connect it to the PC.

If the COM-Port, which the USB2SYS-Interface installed, is known you can directly choose it from the list of available interfaces:
Step 2a manual select.png

If the COM-Port is not known you can use the "Autodetect…" function:
Step 1.jpg
Step 2 Autodetect.jpg

When the dialog is shown, disconnect the USB2SYS-Interface from the PC (if already connected) and reconnect it again.
The Autodetect-function will only work if the driver was installed successfully.

After a successful detection the BEASTXUpdater will tell you which COM-Port was detected:
Step 3 Autodetect done.jpg

Step 7: Detect connected MICROBEAST:
After you selected a COM-Port the BEASTXUpdater will automatically try to identify a MICROBEAST detected to it.

If the MICROBEAST is not connected at this moment you can manually force a new detection by pressing the "Refresh" button.

If the correct COM-Port was chosen (red), and the MICROBEAST is connected to the USB2SYS-Interface, some information (green) of this MICROBEAST will be shown in the "BEASTX Device" section:
Step 4 detected.jpg

At this moment Hardware-Version 1.1 and 1.2 are existing.
Application-Version is the actually installed firmware of the MICROBEAST (in this case 1.0.0)
Data-Version is the format of the settings, stored on the MICROBEAST.
Serial-Number is a unique identifier for each MICROBEAST.

Step 7: Select Update-File:
If the MICROBEAST was successfully identified you can go on with selecting an Update-File.
Update-Files always have the file-extension ".upd".

"Open File…"Button opens a dialog where you can choose an Update-File.
Step 5 select firmware.png
Or you can just drag'n'drop an Update-File from the Explorer to the Main windows of the BEASTXUpdater.

An Updates-File can only be loaded if it is free of damage and complete.
Application-Version, Data-Version and Target-Hardware will be shown if the file was loaded successfully:
Step 6 firmware selected.jpg

Only a compatible "Target Hardware Version" can be installed on a MICROBEAST.
The firmware version in the Update-File will be shown next to "Application Version" (in this case 1.0.11).
The format of settings will be shown next to "Data Version".
IMPORTANT: If the major version of the "Data Version" is different between the actual and new firmware, then the Basic-Setup has to be done again after the update.

Step 8: Perform Update:
If a valid COM-Port is selected an a valid Update-File was loaded, the "Start Update…" button will be enabled:
Step 7 update ready.jpg

After pressing the "Start Update…" button, the actual firmware version, and the new target firmware version will be shown:
Step 7 start Update.png
Press "Yes" to start the update.

After a successful update a message will be displayed:
Step 8 Update done.png

After your confirmation with "Ok" BEASTXUpdater will detect the version information of the connected MICROBEAST again.
Step 9 finished.png
You can refresh this information using the "Refresh" button.

Your MICROBEAST is now updated to the latest firmware.