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Heli Kits
Heli Flight Center offers great copters from Align and Gaui at competitive prices. Try the new Trex 250 which redefines micro copters

Multirotors copters are a new, fun and easy to fly  type of RC helicopter.  They are a great platform for aerial photography, FPV (First Person View) flying as well as just for great fun.  You can fly them practically anywhere.  Join in on the fun!

Aerial Photography
The advancement of Flight Controllers and Camera Stabilization have opened up incredible capability and applications. Now aerial mapping, inspection, search and rescue, surveillance, agricultural crop assessment, wildlife management etc.are available at economic costs. Let us know your application and needs.

IBCrazy 5.8GHz 7.5dbic 3 turn Helical Antenna
Our Price: $32.00
(Out of Stock)
H70096 Trex 700DFC Head Damper
Our Price: $6.99
In Stock
Xtreme Production Titanium Turnbuckles for Trex 700
List Price: $10.50
Our Price: $10.50
In Stock
Accipiter 250 FPV Quad
Our Price: $90.00 Add Options and Update Price
In Stock
Let the action begin with Heli Flight Center, your one stop shop for radio controlled helicopters, multicopters, UAVs, Aerial Photography, FPV platforms and more. We have everything you need for your hobby or business. We carry kits, Ready to Fly copters as well as a inventory of remote as well as all the right parts and accessories you need to upgrade and get airborne!

Are you a Aerial Photographer or looking for UAV/ UAS systems for hobby or commercial applications? Give us a call. We offer both Ready to Fly systems such as DJI Phantom , Inspire or 3DR Iris as well as custom integrated platforms for special applications. Aerial Mapping, Inspection, Agricultural mapping, Real Estate, Search and Rescue, Wildlife management or just fun FPV and sport flying quadcopters - we can help meet your needs.

Looking for Multirotors? Take a look at our selection of multirotor kits and flight controllers. Multirotors are a exciting new flight platform that is catching the hobby by storm. We design and build our own line of high durability multirotors and offer accesories for platforms such as the DJI Phantom. Take a looke at our Accipiter line of FPV Racing Mini Quads for some real fun. We can guide you through all the options with our knowledgeable technical staff. We also do custom builds and setup for your application as well as repairs.

Don"t see what you're looking for? Give us a call. We will price match for any legitimate lower
price. Heli Flight Center is here to get you flying!